Horseback Riding & Cattle Drives in Clifton, Idaho

Improve your natural skill with horseback riding lessons or participate in a cattle drive at The Cliffs Guest Ranch in Clifton, Idaho. Our experienced staff is available to show you the basics of horseback riding and even teach you how to drive cattle.


Trail Rides

All guests are welcome to saddle horses from the ranch, and one of our staff members will lead you on a trail full of scenic views and wild life photo opportunities.  Stay on flat ground or ride to the top of the mountains through the pine covered Oxford Mountains.   Our ranch has 35 horses available, and groups of 10 people may ride together. We have experinced cowboys to accommodate any skill level, including beginner intermediate and advanced. Rides may be booked as a two-hour, half-day, full day, or overnight ride.

Cattle Drives

Put your spurs on and pull your cinch as you drive cattle for two-hour, half-day, and full day periods. Our  ranch specializes in beef, so we have plenty of cattle available to provide you with the full western experience.  Gather and trail the Blue Diamond heard from pasture to pasture as the season changes to maximize their growth potential.  Learn how to rope and ride from our wranglers to get the most from your ranch visit. We will show you how to make a horse work with you to get the cattle headed down the trail.  Help us vaccinate and check cattle for illness to see how real life ranching works.  Put yourself to the test or just get a taste, whatever you decide.
Fields and Trees - Horseback Riding - Cattle Drives

To request more information about schedule a cattle drive or booking a horseback ride, contact our team in Clifton, Idaho.